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We each are born to perform our daily occupational therapy Surrey. We perform these occupations in our
capacity as someone’s children, parents, siblings, friends, or professionals such as teachers or
news anchors.

We sail through our days doing things to play our required roles in our family, social, and work
lives. But for some of us, it’s hard to perform the most mundane tasks for reasons that are
sometimes too implicit in being readily understandable.

Everyone deserves independence in leading their lives naturally. And those who can’t need
compassionate professional assistance – occupation therapy.

Before understanding what occupational therapy Surrey is, and how does it help people perform their
occupations better, it is essential to note that seeking help makes no one weak!

What is occupational therapy Surrey?

Occupational therapy Surrey is what the name says: therapeutic services for everyday activities-
occupations. It is a treatment for young and old alike, which helps people lacking in or with
affected motor function, sensory processing, self-regulation, etc.

This therapy is not just a standard treatment for injuries inflicted by accidents. It differs for each
per their needs.

For a child, the therapy will evaluate his/her district needs and challenges or any other
particular conditions and cater to them accordingly.

An occupational therapist orchestrates a series of activities to help a person. It can include tasks

  • Taking care of oneself (self-dressing)
  • Writing your thoughts; taking notes
  • Balancing a pencil on your finger
  • Throwing and catching a ball
  • Organizing your room, books or your closet
  • Responding to a sensory stimulus

How can it help?

It can empower people helping them fulfill their dreams and milestones they want to conquer
despite their illness, injury, or disability. It can help the people struggling to live a better,
healthier life for mind and body alike.

Who might need it?

These are a few examples to help understand the people in need of this therapy process:

A child with autism in need of help getting by with daily life skills. These tasks include dressing,
walking, running, hand-eye coordination, core strengthening, feeding, and much more.

A teenager experiencing ADHD who has problem focusing, completing a task, or even social

An adult with any anxiety and depression may need to recover from their past traumatic
experience to improve their mental health.

An older person encountering weakness in the body due to a stroke or merely old age. The
elderly lacking in strength, endurance, and mobility to perform even simple tasks.

Occupational therapy for children with autism

The goal of the therapist here is to improve skills like motor function, sensory and behavioral
regulation, etc., for the children experiencing ASD or other developmental disabilities. All the
special environment needs to be kept in mind while creating a unique plan for a special

Occupational therapy Surrey can be beneficial for children with autism; it can help them perform
better at school.

Nowadays, schools offer OT as a part of their education for kids experiencing autism.

How to find an occupational therapist? 

Occupational therapy is conducted in various places, including schools, hospitals, mental health
facilities, rehabs, and private clinics, etc.

If you require this therapy for someone:

  • Consult your doctor and ask for a referral to a specialist.
  • Reach out to the school guidance counselor. It may help narrow down the student's unique
  • Academic and social needs.
  • Go to a nearby hospital or a rehabilitation facility.
  • Visit websites like the American Occupational Therapy Association  to find help.

The Takeaway

Independence in our daily lives defines our thinking, vision, emotions, and our take on life. If
someone struggles in performing the most trivial occupations, they need professional help.
Occupational therapy can change someone’s life. It can give them the independence and
confidence they wished they had. Remember, compassionate support empowers!




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